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Thanks for sharing a bit about Gladwell's talk.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't read Blink yet (though The Tipping Point was an inspiring and provocative book, and I expect Blink is, too). And, as I type that, I'll resist the urge to edit it, and wonder "aloud" how much potential embarrassment factors into law abuses of enforcement power that are [presumably] more likely to occur when there are multiple officers involved (not wanting to appear weak in front of others). Bringing it back to some of the ramifications you hint at in your questions, I suspect that in a truly supportive environment, where people believe in each other, and in a shared idea[l], everyone is less likely to feel embarrassed, and [thus?] more willing to take risks.

I look forward to reading more about your impressions and mappings of Gladwell's talk ... when you have a chance to share more. [BTW, will we see Blink on your sidebar of Recommended Reading? :-) ]

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