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Rick Cooper, The PDA Pro

Congratulations Lori! It's a difficult step for many people to make that transition from a paper planner to an electronic PDA. What most people forget is that they are already halfway there because they use Outlook or another Contact Management system.

I proudly used a Franklin Planner for over 3 years. I stored the binders on my shelf from prior years. It’s a nice system. It takes a lot of time to maintain it correctly. Also, since I regularly have over 200 items on my task list, it took a lot of time to keep forwarding tasks into the future. I wanted to switch to a Palm Pilot but waited for a long time. Finally, I made the switch and there’s no looking back. I became a PDA Coach by helping other people I worked with make the switch.

You made the right choice going with a mid range Palm. It has everything you need. You can always upgrade later to one with enhanced connectivity. As it says in Good to Great: Crawl, Walk, Run.

The important thing is to select the right operating system for you. I recommend Palm for small businesses and solo practitioners. Pocket PC and Blackberry are better for the corporate environment. But it all derives from how you will use your PDA.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

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