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If you are a sales professional you will know how many phone calls, meetings, quotes, etc. that you need to get the required results. If you don't how can you call yourself a professional, track your progress, or analyze your results.

Michael Stammer

A simple truth I've learned both while managing and coaching sales people — those that know their numbers tend to be successful, those that do not neither HAVE numbers nor are consistently successful. When you know your baseline activity and the conversion ratios that go with them, then you can concentrate on what is needed to increase effectiveness.

My first sales manager, MANY years ago, impressed this simple truth on me and I have lived by it ever since. When we treat our selling careers as real businesses, we will apply the same type of metrics to assure that we recognize where we can improve. A business that has no measurement process is stifled at best, most likely doomed.


so true... as a current sales manager, I've struggled with teaching this simple concept to my sales people in an easy to understand way... perhaps I'm teaching wrong, or I've hired the wrong people...

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