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You know, Jim Kidd has a 7 touch approach to sales. Any contact is a "touch" and he proposes 7 touches to a sucessful sale.

Brian Carroll

I suggest you down load the latest Cahners Research report on "Evaluating the Cost of Sales
Calls in Business-to-Business Markets"

It proves the stats you're talking about by studying 23,000 B2B buyers. It also gives stats by industry.

Here's the link for the pdf

Justin Hitt

Brian, Thanks for pointing out Cahners' website. Also available from that site:

How Many Personal Sales Calls Does it Take to Close a Sale?

According to their research there are different numbers of interactions depending on industry.

The best measure for this would be in a companies own experience -- tracking customer interactions in a customer relationship management system can help extract this information. Once a company has their own base line, they can then look at the process they use to close sales.

There is no magic number, just qualified prospects, a relevant sales message, and a solution desired by the target customer.


Justin Hitt
Strategic Relations Consultant
Turning Relationships Into Profits

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